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When you are not able to get a good nights rest, your health suffers. Not to mention that Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Bites can make you feel like your home is not the relaxing place that it once was.

Bed bugs are flat, oval, and wingless insects that grow up to 1/4 inch long. Newly hatched bed bugs, called nymphs are 1/16 of an inch long translucent and cylindrical in shape. Before feedings adults are translucent and resemble an apple seed. After feeding on blood bed bugs bodies are elongated and bright red in color.

Bed bug infestations are often found in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. More severe infestations can be found within any crevices such as floor voids, edges of carpeting, and loosened wallpaper.

Bed bugs create unique challenges as these nocturnal creatures hide within inconspicuous places. If you suffer from bed bugs keep these important facts in mind:

  • Frequent laundering of linens is a great cost effective way to reduce or eliminate bed bugs.

    • If you are unable to frequently launder your linen, run them through the dryer.

    • Heat from the dryer kills bed bugs.

  • Reduce clutter

    • Bed bugs hide in cluttered areas especially next to or under sleeping areas.

    • If bed bugs are present DO NOT move clutter from one room to another. You only spread them from their original location to the next.

  • Resting Behavior

    • Bed bugs hide close to where the host sleeps or rests frequently.

    • If bed bugs are present DO NOT change sleeping or resting places as this only spreads bed bugs from one spot to another.

  • ​Launder your linen, reduce clutter, and Contact US Today!

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The appearances of bed bugs vary by customer. Use the illustration to the right to aid in identifying bed bugs in your home. A bed bug develops through multiple stages in its lifecycle and has various appearances.

Other key ways to identify if you have bed bugs are:

  • Live or dead bed bugs

  • Bed bug eggs

  • Amber colored shells from their exoskeleton

  • Reddish brown or black excrements

  • Musty sweet odor in heavily infested areas.


Bed Bug Hiding Places

Our inspection process consists of looking in the following areas:

  • Bed frames, mattresses, box springs(most common)

  • Nightstands

  • Couches and recliners

  • Floor cracks and grooves

  • Edges of carpeting and rugs, tack strips

  • Loosened wallpaper and peeling paint

  • Behind baseboards and ceiling moldings

  • Other conspicuous places bed bugs can hide.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

Although there are some Home Remedies for Bed Bugs, we highly suggest getting a licensed exterminator to get rid of them for you. The reason why we suggest this is because we have found that Home Remedies are generally either not safe for children and or pets, or not fully effective in getting rid of the bed bugs. 

The BEST bed bug treatment is always going to be using the proper dose of pet and child safe solution, applied in the right places. The problem with a lot of other bed bug solutions, is that the bud bugs can actually build up an immunity to the products, and then return to your home, leaving bites on your family and endagering your health once again. This is why it is so important to treat them right, and quickly get rid of them today!

In the meantime, what you can do, is vacuum all surfaces, and furniture (especially all mattresses) and wash all linens in hot water. Also, follow up with steaming your mattresses and furniture, and sealing your mattresses until the problem is completely taken care of. Lastly, make sure that you protect your home from things like bats, birds and rodents, since they can also lead to a re-infestation. How did you get bed bugs in the first place?


What Causes Bed Bugs?

How do you get bed bugs, in the first place? What really causes them? 

Despite popular beliefs, bed bugs are not caused from dirty living conditions. They live to bite you and your family, and they feed off of your blood, leaving you with uncomfortable symptoms, such as, red, itchy bites. In other words, they are hosted by warm blooded creatures, however they prefer humans over other animals. Their ideal victim is a human who is not moving for a long enough period for them to feed - day or night. (Not fun, we know.) And unfortunately, they are picked up in any place that you have been sitting long enough for them to decide that you look like a tasty meal. (Busses, cabs, movie theaters, hotels, etc... you get the idea!)

Luckily for you and your family, we hate them just as much as you do and are committed to helping you get rid of them, fast!

We’re the Pest Control Service for you.

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