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While termites measure 1cm to a few millimetres in length, the combined feeding habits of millions of them in a colony can result in thousands of dollars in damages to your home. When gone unchecked and untreated your home becomes a hot spot for termites to cause costly repairs. Estimates of termite damage in the U.S. exceed $5 billion. Don't wait until you get termites to treat your home. Our professional technicians are trained to treat your home with the best products on the market. Call Pyramid Exterminators, and save your time and money from costly repairs.

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Termite Swarmers

Swarmers Start New Colonies In Your Home

During springtime, triggered by warm temperatures and rain, swarmers in large numbers take flight from mud tubes built by worker termites who are nesting and feeding on wood. Swarmers have two pairs of long narrow wings of equal size, describing the order for which termites belong: Isoptera ("iso," meaning same, and "ptera,"meaning wing). Termite swarmers are darker than other termites in the colony. They are dark, and almost black in most species. If you suspect that you are seeing these insects in your home, pick up your phone and call us for a free inspection!

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Drywood Termite Biology

Commitment to Quality

Worker: The worker termite is the most numerous in the colony. Workers are light in color and do not have wings. They, along with the nymphs, perform all the work-feeding the other castes, grooming the queen, excavating the nests and making the tunnels.  In the process they chew and eat wood, causing damage to your home.

Soldier:  The soldier termite serve specifically to protect the colony form its enemies, which could be other insects and the environment.  Their heads are much bigger than the other castes.

Reproductive:  Or also called Alate (swarmers) termites are most often seen by homeowners.  They have fully developed wing and eyes.  Their wings are extended beyond the length of their body.  Supplementary reproductives may be isolated from the main colony and establish a new colony.  This could lead to the spreading of the infestation of your home.

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Termite Entry Points

Step by Step Process

The most common Termite Entry point is through the soil. These are usually areas we can't see, that's why we call termites the "invisible enemy". So, even though you can't see termites, it doesn't mean you don't have termites. Liquid treatments are one option in resolving your termite invasion.


Liquid Treatment Specifics

Great Results

Liquid termicide treatments are a great option because they create a chemical barrier denying termites access to the structure of your home. Liquid treatments kill the foragers that come in contact with the treated soil, as well as termites they come in contact with in the colony. Based on the type of home structure and termite problem, our technician may recommend liquid termicide treatments and follow the steps in the photo above.

termidor transfer effect.jpg

Termidor Transfer Effect

Serving Greater Atlanta Since 1999

Pyramid Exterminators employees are well trained and professional. In conjunction we use other Pest Control Experts and Specialists as a part of our team to make sure that we treat your home with the best products on the market. Termidor is the brand of choice when treating our customer’s home. Here is a Termite Specialist with more info on how Termidor can protect your home against termites.

Termites are considered "social insects", meaning they share. Termites affected with Termidor share the product by touching, grooming or the exchange of food ingested. As a result every termite in the colony becomes affected with Termidor. Yes. Even the Queen!


Termite Bait Stations

Certified Experts

At Pyramid we believe Termidor and Termite Bait Stations are the best options. The dual treatment provides Total Home Protection and monitoring for termites invading your home.  In the same manner that Termidor provides an "invisible barrier", our Bait Stations provide the same residual effect. Bait stations are placed around the perimeter of your home. Any termites in the soil will travel and nest inside the station. Every 3 months our technician performs an inspection to check activity inside the chamber. If any activity is found, the technicians places a special bait that termites eat and share with other termites in the colony. This results in the elimination of termites attacking your home. Our technician will provide with the options that are best for you.


Greater Atlanta Termite Experts

Always Get A Termite Letter When Buying or Selling Your Property

This map shows the areas that are heavily to lowly populated with Subterranean Termites.  As you can see the southern coastal states have the highest concentration of termites.

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